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When you pick up your completed projects at our workshop our engineers thoroughly explain the circuit diagram, source code and anything else you need to understand the inner workings of the project.

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Project Ideas

IEEE / MSBTE /DTE /research based projects for M-TECH /B-TECH/ diploma/ engineering / ITI.

We also custom build projects for students. The research and development costs vary from project to project. But we are open to building anything you need. Ohms law to programming.

Latest Projects

Electronic suitcase for paper leak detection using rtc
Over bridge crowd management for railways
P-N Junction cooling of Helmet
Pollution control using RFID and IOT spanning tree algorithm
PCB defect detection


GSM based Home Security System
SMS based Weather Monitoring system
Real time Weather Monitoring with GSM
GSM based Tower Shelter Fault Monitoring System
Patient Monitoring through GSM modem

Internet of things (IOT) Wifi based projects

IOT and Arduino based Home Security System
IOT and Arduino based Weather report information system
IOT and Arduino based Digital weather station
Cell Phones Tower Base Station Safety System using IOT technology and Arduino
Patient Monitoring through IOT technology and Arduino

Electrical Projects

Ultra Fast Acting Electronic Circuit Breaker
Speed control of four quadrant dc motor
Theft intimation in case of tampering of energy meter
Transformer Fault Detection and Protection System
Islanding Detection Method for Distributed Generation

Mini Projects

Automatic railway gate
Automatic car parking
Water level indicator buzzer
Sun tracking solar panel
LPG detector


Automatic Stamping Labeling Machine Using Plc
Plc Based Paper Cutting Machine
Plc Based Sorting System Using Metal Detection
Gsm Based Industry Protection System
Iot Color Based Product Sorting Machine Project


Design of Spot Welding Robot
Advanced Military Spying and Bomb Disposal Robot
Cell phone operated land rover
Design of Rescue Robot and Pipeline Inspection Using Zigbee
Fire fighting robot

Trending Topics

3d Space Wireless Power Transferring Project
Footstep Power Generation system
Advanced Wireless Power Transfer System
Automated Paralysis Patient Healthcare System Project
Automatic BMI Calculator Using Load Cell & Height Sensing

End of Season Sale

Mobile Controlled Door Lock System
Home security system
Home appliance control using mobile phone
Industrial Automation Using cellphone
Industrial Fault detection system


Pneumatic Powered Metal Pick and Place Arm
IOT Color Based Product Sorting Machine Project
Wireless Humanoid Bionic Arm on Robotic Vehicle
RF Controlled Beach Cleaner Robotic Vehicle
E Skateboard With Motion Sensing

School Projects

Class 5/6/7- Water Turbine
Class 5/6/7- Vaccum Cleaner
Class 5/6/7- Hand Generator Project
Class 5/6/7- Working Windmill
Class 5/6/7- Pinhole Camera

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Project Kits

Browse through our vast catalogue of projects.

Our Project kits come with detailed tutorials, and all required documentation to make your lives easier.

Scientific Calculator

The simple calculator is made to perform simple arithmetic operation such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.
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Distance measurement using ultrasonic

Corrections in distance measurement, distance measurement, microcontroller, sewer blockage detection, sewer inspection system, robotics, and ultrasonic sensor.
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Bidirectional Rotation Of An Induction Motor With Remote Control - Kit

This proposed system demonstrates a technology to rotate a squirrel cage induction motor in both clockwise and counter clockwise direction
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Vehicle Tracking By GPS - GSM

“SMS/GPS vehicle tracking system”, where a design has been implemented to find the solution of Vehicle Tracking System by using GPS (Global Positioning System) module and Short Message Service (SMS).
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Railway Level Crossing Gate Operation Remotely By Android

At present people go for various modes of transportation such as by buses, flights, car, train etc. Out of this majority depend on railway, people opt this because they always seek for the service with more comfort with cheaper rates.
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Sensing Soil Moisture Content Automatic Irrigation System

Continuous increasing demand of food requires the control in highly specialized greenhouse vegetable rapid improvement in food production technology
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Remote Override of Traffic Signal in Emergency

With the increase in human population in cities and therefore number of vehicles, traffic control signals have been playing significant role in managing traffic flow in cities.
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Precise Digital Temperature Control

The concept of this paper is to create an Automatic Temperature Control System to control the temperature of a system. The circuit maintains the temperature of the system in a particular range.
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Power Control By Integral Cycle Switching Without Generating Harmonics

AC voltage controller is a power electronic circuit in which fixed ac is converted to variable ac without changing the frequency. The converter circuit consists of SCR as switches and provides variable ac to the load
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Microcontroller Based Password Based Circuit Breaker

: The password based circuit breaker control system is a system that access only specified password to control the circuit breaker
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Auto Power Supply Control Solar, Mains, Generator & Inverter To Ensure No Break Power

— The main purpose of this project is to provide continuous power supply to a load, by selecting the supply from any of the four sources namely solar, inverter, main and generator automatically in case if one the source is absent.
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Distance Calculation For Underground Cable Fault

The aim of this project is to determine the distance of underground cable fault from base station in kilometers.
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Energy Meter Billing With Load Control Over GSM With User Programmable Number Features

These days the electricity department has to send employees for taking meter reading every month, which is an expensive and time consuming job. This project provides a convenient and efficient method to avoid this problem.
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Wireless Electronic Notice Board By GSM With User Programmable Number Features

This project deals with an innovative rather an interesting manner of intimating the message to the people using a wireless electronic display board which is synchronized using the GSM technology.
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Detecting Power Grid Synchronization Failure On Sensing Frequency Or Voltage Beyond Acceptable Range

An embedded system is a combination of software and hardware which is designed for one specific application in a time domain constraint.
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Four Quadrant DC Motor Control Without Microcontroller

The project is designed to develop a four quadrant control system for a DC motor. The motor is operated in four quadrants i.e. clockwise; counter clock-wise, forward brake and reverse brake.
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Networking Of Multiple Microcontroller

As technology scales toward deep sub-micron, an increasing number of computational units will be integrated onto the same silicon die, posing tight communication requirements on the communication architecture.
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Theft Intimation Of The Vehicle Over GSM By SMS With User Programmable Number Features To Owner Who Can Stop The Engine Remotely

GSM is an open, digital cellular technology used for transmitting mobile voice and data services. GSM differs from first generation wireless systems in that it uses digital technology and Time Division Multiple Access (TDMA) transmission methods.
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Touch Screen Based Home Automation System

Home automation has been a feature of science fiction writing for many years, but has become practical in the early 20th Century with the widespread introduction of electricity into the home and the rapid advancement of information technology.
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Three Phase Fault Analysis With Auto Reset On Temporary Fault And Permanent Trip Otherwise

This project develop an automatic tripping mechanism for the three phase supply system. The project output resets automatically after a brief interruption in the event temporary fault while it remains in tripped condition in case of permanent fault.
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Hybrid Bike

- Internal Combustion Engines; Petrol Vehicle; Electric Vehicle ; Hybrid Vehicle.
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