What is MakeItOrTakeIt?

We created a free open source platform, where students/ Professionals come in to get, share information regarding:- Emerging new technologies/ Discuss new ideas/ Making new things/ Internships. To Help each other expand our knowledge base and get skill ready.

Our solutions are specially designed to give students an extra edge over others in the industry, which enables them to achieve their results by enjoying the work they do. This is done by Extensive Research following industry standards in developing one's potential, skillsets, maintaining quality education, more importantly making all these affordable.

How It Started?

It all started at the time of submissions & idea clicked!

I was a final year engineering student & for my final year project I had to run here and there, I didn’t have the technical support, didn’t knew where to go & whom to approach

I had to change my project 4 times before submitting the final one, plus wasted money and my time on black book and ppt

After engineering story continued

I had a tough time running pillar to post for finding jobs

There is a dearth of practical knowledge, our syllabus gives a lot of theoretical knowledge, but falls short when it comes to practical knowledge which may cause us problems in finding jobs.

Since engineering is a skill based industry, I didn't know how and where to develop my skills. There are private institutes and placement agencies that "TRAIN YOU IN PRETEXT TO" give you jobs!

Addition to this after completing engineering had to pay expensive fees to enroll in their courses I don’t want other students to be frustrated over projects or to be in confusion over internships and jobs, and suffer like me.