Jan. 17, 2019

Rasberry Pi (Fees: ₹5000 Duration: 1 month)

Raspberry Pi

Ø How to convert your monitor into computer with Raspberry Pi

Ø LED interfacing with Raspberry Pi

Ø Traffic light controlling using Raspberry Pi

Ø Practical implementation of Pulse width modulation(PWM) with Raspberry Pi

Ø Interfacing of Switch with Raspberry Pi

Ø Project on touch sensing technology using Raspberry Pi

Ø Measuring distance with Raspberry Pi(Ultrasonic Sensor)

Ø Practical on cloud (Internet of things) with raspberry Pi

Ø Interfacing Of relay with raspberry Pi

Ø Creating GUI(Graphical user interface) with Raspberry Pi

Ø Implementing Communication between your mobile and Raspberry Pi

Ø LCD Interfacing with Raspberry Pi

Ø Project on human motion sensing with Raspberry Pi

Ø Project after completion of Raspberry Pi course:

Ø Making web-server using Raspberry pi and IOT

Ø Voice-typing project on Raspberry Pi

Jan. 17, 2019