Jan. 17, 2019

Embedded System (Fees: ₹5000 Duration: 2 weeks)

8051 Microcontroller learning and hands on included:


Ø What is 8051 microcontroller actually?(starting from basics)

Ø C-programming basics

Ø Embedded C Programming

Ø Compiler, Debugger, Emulator

Ø 8051 Architecture

Ø 8051 microcontroller pin details, memory, GPIO, Features

Ø Interfacing of 8051uc with LED with different pattern(Theory + Practical)

Ø Interfacing of 8051uc with keypad(Theory + Practical)

Ø Interfacing of 8051uc with LCD(Theory + Practical)

Ø Interfacing of 8051uc with ADC & DAC. (Theory + Practical)

Ø Serial communication(Theory + Practical)

Ø Interfacing of 8051uc with DC Motor(Theory + Practical)

Ø Hands on programming using Timers, Interrupts

Ø We are using Keil uvision4 software tool for programming

Ø Application of Microcontrollers

What will you achieve?

Ø Develop understanding of how the 8051 microcontroller can be used as a tool for physical computing.

Ø Apply knowledge of programming concepts to control digital inputs and outputs.

Ø Explore practical applications of inputs and outputs to make a project.

Ø Reflect on your learning and create ideas for your classroom practice.

Ø You will get total notes which you will learn during training.

Ø How to handle Software and Hardware tools with 8051microcontroller.

Ø You can do your college project by yourself.

Ø Certification after completing learning.

The 8051 microcontroller is ancient by contemporary standards, and yet it persists in wide usage to this day. Why?

Because it's cheap, because it's no longer covered by Intel’s patents, and because what's referred to today as “8051″ isn't the transistor-by-transistor silicon design made by Intel in the 1980s, but rather an ecosystem of software compatible derivatives: the same instruction set, the same CPU registers, the same memory architecture, etc. That fundamental design has been refined by many silicon vendors over the last 20+ years who sell “8051”-based microcontroller products such that this modest little 8bit design still has usefulness and relevance in the market today.

Project Work:

Project based on 8051uc will be done by students. (So that students can understand how to apply knowledge they gain during training)

Jan. 17, 2019