Jan. 17, 2019

Python (Fees: ₹5000 Duration: 1month)

Basic Python

Python Introduction

1.1 What is programming language?

1.2 Not-So Programming Language

1.3 Front end language, System Language,General Languages

1.4 What is python?

1.5 Why to learn Python? Difference between Python and other languages

1.6 Features and Applications of Python

1.7 Versions of Python

Variables and Operators in Python

2.1 What are variables?

2.2 Types of variables

2.2.1 Local Variables

2.2.2 Global Variables

2.3 Operations on variables

2.4 Operators in Python

2.4.1 Arithmetic Operators

2.4.2 Logical Operators

2.4.3 Comparison Operators

2.4.4 Membership Operators

2.4.5 Identity Operators

2.4.6 Random Numbers

Python Data types

3.1 What are data types?

3.2 Built in data types

3.3 Mutable Vs immutable objects

3.4 Python String

3.4.1 Different methods and operations on python strings

3.5 Python List

3.5.1 Different methods and operations on python list

3.6 Python Tuple

3.6.1 Different methods and operations on python tuple

3.7 Python Dictionary

3.7.1 Different methods and operations on python dictionary

Python flow control using loops

4.1 While loop

4.2 For loop

4.3 Nested loop

4.4 Infinite loop

4.5 Break statement

4.6 Continue statement

4.7 Pass statement

4.8 Inbuilt function for loop

Python Functions

5.1 Defining function

5.2 calling function

5.2.1 Call by reference

5.2.2 Call by value

5.3 Function’s arguments

5.3.1 Required Argument

5.3.2 Keyword Argument

5.3.3 Default Argument

5.3.4 Variable-length Argument

5.4 Return statement

5.5 Anonymous Function (lambda)

Python Modules and Packages

6.1 Python Modules

6.2 How to import python modules?

6.3 Importing modules with renaming

6.4 dir() built-in function

6.5 Creating of python packages

6.6 Date and Time Module

6.7 Calendar module

6.8 Different in built modules and packages in python

6.9 Garbage Collector

Python Namespace and scope

7.1 Scope in python

7.2 Scope resolution for variable names via LEGB rule

7.3 Programs on how python namespace and scope works in python

File handling in python

8.1 Operations on files

8.1.1 Opening files

8.1.2 Closing files

8.1.3 Reading files

8.2 The file object attributes

8.3Python directory and file management

8.3.1 Creating folder

8.3.2 Deleting folder

8.3.3 Renaming folder

Python Object Oriented Programming

9.1 Overview of python classes and method

9.2 What is class?

9.3 How to create class?

9.4 Attributes and methods in class

9.5 Defining class in python

9.6 Creating object in python

9.7 Constructors in python

9.8 Deleting attributes and objects in python

Advanced OOPs concepts

10.1 Inheritance

10.2 Multiple inheritance

10.3 Operator overloading

10.4 Polymorphism


Python database interaction (mysql)

11.1 What is mysqldb? About mysqldb database

11.2Configuration before starting

11.3Password choosing considerations

11.4Python Showing version of database

11.5Creating and populating of table

11.6Retrieving data

11.7The dictionary cursor(Accessing required data)

11.8Prepared statements(Exchanging values)

11.9Inserting images in database

11.10Reading images from database

  1. Python Multithreading

12.1What is multithreading?

12.2Starting new thread

12.3Threading module

12.4Multithreaded priority queue

Python E-mail sending

13.1SMTP protocol

13.2Sending E-mail via python

13.3Send E-mail with attachment

Regular Expression

14.1What is re module?

14.2Methods of Regular Expression

14.2.1Search function

14.2.2Match function

14.2.3Replace function

14.3Regular Expression modifiers

Python Network Programming

15.1TCP and UDP Protocol


15.3Making simple chat server

15.4Echo server

15.5Networking in foreignism security

Graphical User Interface (GUI) 16.1Tkinter widgets

16.2Standard attributes

16.3Geometry management

16.4Making forms

16.5Making calculator

16.6Making objects etc

Python Exception handling

17.1Exception handling in python

17.2Multiple except clauses

17.3Custom made exception

17.4Cleanup action(try…finally)

17.5Combining try,except,finally

Jan. 17, 2019