Frequently Asked Questions

1. I don’t want to buy projects. I want to do the project myself. Can you help me?

We also are keen to help you do your project yourself. We are only assisting you with the kit and required material and guidance, so you can complete the project by yourself. We have made the kits user-friendly and self-explanatory with a lot of audio-visuals so that you can complete the project without any external help. As you complete the project you will be rich with good knowledge and also get practical hands-on-experience.

2.I have no prior project experience. Can you help me to choose a title for my project?

We have made project selection simple and fascinating for you by adding an interactive feature "Can we help you find a project", you can call us or meet as to discuss.
Once you select the project you can do it yourself or enrol in for hands on training sessions at our workshops .You can also download the abstract and seminar power point presentations of the selected projects from the website.
You can always call on 9821958738. Or Mail us at support@makeitortakeit.in for personalized counselling and help to find projects according to your requirements (such as Embedded, Electrical, Robotics, Communication, Solar, Power Electronics, Mechanical, General Electronics and Sensor based etc.)
You can also check the home page for Full Project Listing.

3.Am I eligible to do the projects listed in the website?

The projects are meant to improve your theory and practical knowledge. You can start doing your projects right from the first year of your technical education. You can be an Engineering student or a Diploma student or a Post-Graduate student. These projects can also be done by a hobbyist who is passionate about electronics and learning new things.
These projects strengthen your fundamentals and thus improve your job prospects.

4. Which kit out of the 3 categories DIY Kit, Readymade Kit, training option is suitable for me? What is the difference between the 3 categories? What does the kit consist of?

We suggest you DIY kit if you have to submit the kit as a part of your academic requirement, because DIY kit has an ‘assembled and tested board’ which will guarantee you output and at the same time you gain good knowledge and get practical hands-on-experience by assembling the kit using the plain PCB and other hardware material provided.

Readymade kit is a plug and play project for students who do not have time to invest in projects or if they get stuck in eleventh hour trouble shooting their projects.

Training is preferred for first timer’s, students with no prior experience with technical stuff regarding projects, or for someone who’s interested in doing projects from scratch (Manufacturing).

5.Is your company name, logo or any other signage printed or etched on the PCB?

No, we make sure that nothing appears on the PCB or soft copies.

6. Will I get the source code of the program used in the project?

Yes, you get soft copy of the source code along with a pre-programmed controller. The pre-programmed controller makes sure that you get guaranteed output if the hardware is done right.

7.Do you provide any training?

We train students by means of our kits by incorporating complete solution in the form of descriptive audio-visuals, complete set of components including tool kit, so the student can gain good practical knowledge and hands on experience while using the kit. We teach you all the concepts via audio-visuals which we give you along with the kit. You can build the project yourself after purchasing the kit. Or you can register yourself with us for training at our workshops for complete hands on training.

8.How do you justify ‘100% output guaranteed’ mentioned in your site?

All our projects have been designed and developed in-house by a highly experienced team of engineers. All the components, PCB and other hardware are extensively tested before shipping the project. The output will be 100% as advertised.

9.What do you charge for shipping? Within how many days will I get the project?

We ship the projects all over the country in least expected minimum charges! We do priority shipping within 3 days of the receipt of the order so you get the shipment in minimum time. It generally takes around 2-3 days after shipping to reach you depending on your location.

10. What is the cost of project kits?

The cost of the project kits start from Rs.1300 onwards. All prices are inclusive of everything including shipping.

11.How do I purchase the project?

The best way to purchase a project is generating an order on call confirming it on mail & We will guide you personally on call or through meetings .Before purchase it is important that we clear all your doubts & get your exact project requirements.

12.What if I do not get the output?

In case of Readymade project kit and the ‘assembled and tested board’ provided with the DIY kit, we take complete responsibility of 100% guaranteed output. You can send the kit back and we will replace the project the same day of receipt of original project from you. We will be glad to pay the to and fro for shipping of the project.

13. How do I contact you for support or for clearing my doubts after I purchase the kit?

We give you complete technical support even after you purchase the kit. You can also call our Number. 9821958738 or Customer service numbers: 8928224292 or Mail us at: makeitortakeit.in@gmail.com for help.


1. How is the shipping done? If project gets damaged during shipping, what should I do?

We ship the projects in a beautiful box packing. We take every bit of care so that the project reaches you safely. Still if there is an issue we will be more than eager to help.

2.Can I purchase only soft copy (documentation, circuit, code etc.) of the project?

Yes, you can only download soft copy if you wish. Codes, black book, weekly reports, synopsis will be mailed to u within 24 hrs of receiving your complete details.

3.Will you develop customized project for me, if I give you an idea?

We can develop customized project to meet the requirement specified by you. But we still suggest you to purchase a DIY /Project Kit so you can do the project yourself rather than purchasing customized readymade project from us.

4. Do you also sell components?

We deal with project solutions only. We do not sell individual (retail) components.

5.Do you have software based projects also?

Not all the projects are supported by hardware. We have many non-microcontroller projects though.

Yes we have software based projects.

6.How can I improve my knowledge for job purpose?

To increase your knowledge in electronics and for free circuits you can register with us so you get all the updated information in your mailbox or you can join us on Facebook.


All our parts are tested and free from defects. If defects arise, we will at our option, repair or replace the products purchased. Our liability under this warranty is subject to us being satisfied that the material is faulty due to poor quality material or workmanship. We will not be responsible for any damage caused by incorrectly connecting or improper use of the material. Furthermore, we will not be liable for any damage to third party or attached equipment to which these products are used.