Electrical Projects

power generation / distribution / transmission/230 volts AC.

power saving devices ,electrical drives,electrical circuits,electrical machines,electrical measurements ,SCADA

programmable logic controller, single phase ,three phase ,alternating circuits, ac induction motor control ,inverters,DC -DC converters,SMPS,linear power supplies,fuzzy logic,mppt,P&O,safety circuits,circuit breakers,solar power.

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1Ultra-fast electronic circuit breaker-View
2Speed control of four quadrant dc motor-View
3Theft intimation in case of tampering of energy meter-View
4Oil cooled Transformer fault detection-View
5Islanding power grid-View
6Auto power from 4 different sources for uninterrupted backup-View
7Power grid failure alert on sensing frequency-View
8Smart energy meter(water,load,gas)-View
9Energy meter with bill monitoring with load control-View
105 level multi Inverter single phase-View
11Water pump gate control for dams using plc-View
12Zero delay SCR based speed control for single phase motor-View
13Keypad based circuit breaker-View
14PC based electrical load control-View
15Power control by integral cycle switching without generating harmonics-View
16Substation transformer monitoring using Zigbee-View
17Multi power generation(wind,solar,230,pedal)-View
18Underground cable fault detection-View
19Marx generator based high voltage using MOSFETs-View
20IGBT,MOSFET soft start for induction motor-View
21Optimum power management-View
22BDLC speed control using PWM-View
23Grid failure synchronization alert-View
24Three phase fault analysis permanent trip otherwise-View
25Sequential switching system for motor-View
26SCR based high power dual converter-View
27Control area network circuit breaker(3 Microcontrollers)-View
28SCR based single phase Cycloconverter-View
29Automatic power factor compensation for minimizing penalty-View
30Facts flexible ac transmission using svc-View
31Facts flexible ac transmission using TSR-View
32Ac motor control using PWM-View
33Three phase solid state relay with ZVS-View
34Programmable load shedding time management-View
35BLDC motor with speed control with rpm display-View
36UPFC related display of lag and lead power-View
37Auto selection of any available phase in case of power cut(three phase)-View
38Single phase to three phase converter using sine pulse width modulation-View
39Space vector pulse width modulation(single & three phase)-View
40Hot line robot for transmission line maintenance-View