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The aim of this section is to present the process of new product introduction on example of industrial sector in context of new product development (NPD) concept. In the section , the concept of new product development is discussed and the different stages of the process of new trending technologies & development are analysed taking into account its objectives.

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1Electronic suitcase for paper leak detection using rtc-View
2Over bridge crowd management for railways-View
3P-N Junction cooling of Helmet-View
4Pollution control using RFID and IOT spanning tree algorithm-View
5PCB defect detection-View
6Maximum power point tracking using P & O method-View
7Intelligent crack detection using Eddy current loss-View
8Contactless liquid/corrosive measurement using SONAR waves-View
9Intelligent RADAR detection using ultrasonic-View
10Design of Automatic Hotline robot using Haptic Technology-View
11Underground cable fault distance locator-View
12Wireless power transfer-View
13Arm cortex (51m32) solar street light-View
14Intelligent Helmet for bikers-View
15Security access control using NFC-View
16Close loop control for BLDC motor using Fuzzy logicView
17Programmable switch control for replacing PLC-View
18Control area network Hotel Automation-View
19Three phase fault analysis without using reset-View
20GSM based energy meter with load control-View
21Footstep power generation-View
22Multipower generation using 5 sources-View
23Text to speech for blind incubator-View
24Automatic handbrake to avoid collision using SONAR waves-View
25Automatic petrol filling using Tx and Rx-View
26Automatic street light on detecting vehicle movement-View
27Vehicle speed detection on Highways-View
28GPS based soldier tracking with Health Monitoring-View
29Voice controlled wheel chair-View