Internet of things (IOT) Wifi based projects

Sensing /monitoring/controlling over the internet /cloud.

Internet of Things (IoT) ,Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) ,Internet of Everything (IoE).

Web-of-Things (WoT) ,Machine to Machine (M2M) ,Connected Devices,Smart Devices.

Smart Cities, Smart Homes, Smart office, Smart anything.

Wearables, Smart Wearables, etc.Sensors , Devices , Controllers.

Gateways ,Connectivity , Edge Computing.

Cloud Infrastructure (public, private, hybrid, managed),Data Ingestion.

Data Analysis,LPWAN(Low Power Wide Area Network).

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1IOT and Arduino based Home Security System-View
2IOT and Arduino based Weather report information system-View
3IOT and Arduino based Digital weather station-View
4Cell Phones Tower Base Station Safety System using IOT technology and Arduino-View
5Patient Monitoring through IOT technology and Arduino-View
6Baby Incubator using IOT technology and Arduino-View
7Greenhouse monitoring using IOT technology and Arduino-View
8IOT and Arduino based Car theft detection system-View
9IOT and Arduino based Vechicle and fuel Theft Detection System-View
10IOT and Arduino based Stock Empty or Full indicator using Weight sensor-View
11IOT and Arduino based Garbage & waste collection bins overflow indicator-View
12IOT and Arduino based LPG weight & LPG leakage detection System-View
13Door Access Security system with IOT connectivity-View
14IOT and Arduino based Industrial Security system using IOT technology and Arduino-View
15IOT/IOT and Arduino based LPG Leakage Detection (Monitoring) System-View
16IOT and Arduino based fire detection using Smoke and Temperature sensor-View
17IOT and Arduino based Industrial fault (monitoring) detection system - Overheat,LPG leakage-View
18IOT and Arduino based Greenhouse Environment Monitoring and Controlling-View
19Alcohol detection with vehicle controlling using IOT technology and Arduino-View
20IOT and Arduino based Power Transformer Parameter fault detection-View
21Toxic Gas Detection using IOT technology and Arduino-View
22Temperature Monitoring of Remote place through IOT technology and Arduino-View
23Smoke detection and auto intimation using IOT-View
24IOT and Arduino based home automation system-View
25IOT and Arduino based Solar Tracking System-View
26Automatic Street light controller with IOT indication-View
27IOT and Arduino based Temperature & Light Monitoring and Controlling-View
28Greenhouse Robot using IOT technology and Arduino-View
29IOT and Arduino based Alcohol Detection using IOT technology and Arduino-View
30Intelligent Helmet for Coal Miners with IOT indication-View
31IOT and Arduino based Engine fault Detect-View
32RFID and IOT based Security System-View
33RFID and IOT based Heighway Toll Tax Collection System-View
34Prepaid RFID card for Canteen management-View
35RFID and IOT based Paid Car Parking System-View
36RFID and IOT based prepaid card for petrol station-View
37Voice controlled wireless Electronic notice board using Android and Arduino-View
38Voice Operated Home Appliance Control System using Android and Arduino-View