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1Class 5/6/7- Water Turbine
2Class 5/6/7- Vaccum Cleaner
3Class 5/6/7- Hand Generator Project
4Class 5/6/7- Working Windmill
5Class 5/6/7- Pinhole Camera
6Class 5/6/7- Periscope Project
7Class 5/6/7- Motorized Windmill
8Class 5/6/7- Kaleidoscope
9Class 5/6/7- Electric Bell
10Class 5/6/7- DC Motor
11Class 5/6/7- CD Hand Generator
12Class 8- Railway Signal Project
13Class 8- Step down Transformer
14Class 8- IR Remote Light
15Class 8- Wired Car
16Class 9- Solar Lantern
17Class 9- Automatic Railway Gate
18Class 9- Electromagnetic Gripper
19Class 9- Electronic Letter Box
20Class 9- Water Level Indicator
21Class 10- Ohms Law
22Class 10- Flemming Left Hand Rule
23Class 10- Flemming Right Hand Rule
24Class 10- Transistor As a Switch
25Class 10- IR Laser Security Alarm
26Class 10 (CBSE)- All in one gates
27Class 10- Hydraulic Lifter SIngle Injection
28Class 10- Full Size Water Turbine
29Class 10- Automatic Night Lamp
30Class 10- Bridge Rectifier Project
31Agriculture- Automatic watering of Plants
32Agriculture- Solar Electric Fencing
33Agriculture- Solar Greenhouse
34Agriculture- Scale of Biogas Plant
35Agriculture- Drip Irrigation
36Agriculture- Electrical Generation through Oil mill using Cattle
37Cleanliness- Water/Ocean Cleaning System
38Cleanliness- Dustbin Overflow Indicator
39Cleanliness- Automatic Dustbin Opener
40Cleanliness- Automatic Solarpanel Cleaner
41Cleanliness- Vaccum Cleaner
42Energy- Path/Line Following Robot
43Energy- Windmill (Vertical/Horizontal)
44Energy- Streetlight Sensing Car
45Energy- Dusk to Dawn
46Energy- PIR based Staircase Light
47Energy- Piezo Electric Project
48Energy- Footstep Power Generation
49Energy- All types of Water Turbines
50Energy- All Types of Invertors
51Energy- Energy Cycle (Generation/ Transmission/ Distribution)
52Energy- Temperature Controlled Fan
53Travel & Communication- Solar Travel Systems
54Travel & Communication- Electrical Chair with Remote
55Travel & Communication- Wireless Accident Alert
56Travel & Communication- Ocean Tidal Hydro Turbine
57Travel & Communication- Automatic Railway Crossing
58Travel & Communication- Alcohol Sensor
59Travel & Communication- Smart Intelligent Helmet
60Travel & Communication- Cooling Intelligent Helmet
61Travel & Communication- Solar Intelligent Helmet
62Travel & Communication- Automatic Street Light
63Security Based- Railway Track Security
64Security Based- Door & Window Alarm IR based
65Security Based- PIR based Bulgar alarm
66Security based- Without Helmet Bike won't Start
67Security Based- Shadow Based Lighting/ Buzzer
68Security Based- Antitheft For (Confidential Articles, Switch, Fire extinguisher)
69AIR & Newtons Magic- Rubber Power Glider
70AIR & Newtons Magic- Balloon Car
71AIR & Newtons Magic- Air Car Boat
72AIR & Newton Magic- Windmill + Waterpump
73AIR & Newtons Magic- Seasaw Water Pump
74AIR & Newtons Magic- Electricity From Lemons/Citrus
75New Ideas- Suntracking Solar Panel
76New Ideas- Automatic Parking Lane Empty Indicator
77New Ideas- Fibre Optic Light Transmission
78New Ideas- Fibre Optics Bricks For Building
79New Ideas- Automatic Tap on using Sensor to stop Wastage
80New Ideas- Segway
81New Ideas- Emergency Mobile Charger
82New Ideas- Automatic Headlight Dimmer/Off on Same Lane Road
83New Ideas- Low cost Refrigerator/Fridge
84New Ideas- Cooling Helmet for Bikers
85New Ideas- Recycling Dustbin For Cash Coupons
86New Ideas- Solar charging backpack
87New ideas- RC Controlled Robot for Rescue Operations
88New Ideas- RC Controlled Robot for Pipe Inspection for Tube wells
89New Ideas- Door Opening Alarm